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For the Pharmaceutical Industry


Below is a paper published in 2018 regarding a patient survey. The questions and results are information many pharmaceutical companies ask for or need. We put it here to expedite pharmaceutical research and eliminate duplicated questionnaires.

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Registry Updates and Other Notifications

Paper being presented at AASLD conference, November 8-12, 2019 Boston

This research is blacked out until after the conference.

Major depressive disorder in patients with Wilson Disease.

Paula Zimbrean, Susan Rubman Gold, Keerthana Nalamada, Michelle Camarata, Ricarda Tomlin, Amar Patel, Ana Vives-Rodrigues, Udeme Ekong, Nigel Bamford, Pamela Valentino, Uyen To, Yanhong Deng, Xuemei Song, Aftab Ala, Michael Schilsky. Major depressive disorder in patients with Wilson Disease. Journal of Psychosomatic Research. Volume 121, June 2019, Page 148. (Abstract)

Research paper

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