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Our daughter Katarina was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease when she was only four years old. We were very fortunate that it was an early diagnosis, and the disease was caught and treated before severe symptoms started occurring.

The doctor that initially diagnosed my daughter has continued to care for her, and she has done an amazing job. Whether it’s staying on top of the latest treatments or discovering new devices that can help monitor and treat my daughters Wilson’s disease, our doctor has done it all from the start, and we are immensely grateful for all the help that she has given us.

We feel that it is our mission to bring awareness that would first lead to earlier diagnosis, then to help raise funds for the research to find safer treatments and finally a cure so that others will not suffer the devastating effects of this not-so-known disease.

We would like to be able to support patients and help their families through their journey.

Katarina just turned 18. This experience of getting diagnosed led to her career interest in health sciences, which she is going to study at Stonehill College starting this fall, September 2018.


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