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Stories of warriors touched by Wilson’s Disease and how they fought back by rallying people they know to walk with them and raise money for the patient registry.

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Michelle Houle warrior

Our lives were turned upside down when our daughter Shaylee, at age 5, was diagnosed with Wilson's Disease on January 15, 2016.

She has been in and out of the hospital with illnesses and no diagnoses. Her liver enzymes were off the charts with no explanation. Finally with some pushing from mom the doctors were willing to listen to her concerns and do a liver biopsy.  The doctors didn't know much about Wilsons Disease and when she was diagnosed with it we were sent to Children's Hospital of Milwaukee.  

Shaylee is now 7 and doing well.  She eats a well balanced low copper diet, medication to chelate her liver and vitamins to replace the ones that are low due to the medication.    

We want to help educate others about this rare disease.



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