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Stories of warriors touched by Wilson’s Disease and how they fought back by rallying people they know to walk with them and raise money for the patient registry.

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 Kaelyn and Teagan Everham warrior

My 14 year old daughter Teagan, shown in the photo, was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease at the age of 8.  

In the span of a year Teagan had easily fractured 3 bones so I asked our pediatrician to test her vitamins levels and test her for Lupus.  Her first blood work came back with her liver enzymes in the 200 range. Two weeks later we ran the tests again and the enzymes were in the 300 range.  We were sent to Seattle Children’s Hospital for an ultrasound which didn’t indicate a problem.  Two weeks later we went back to Children’s for an eye exam but there were no rings in her eyes.  A week later we went back for a liver biopsy which confirmed she had Wilson’s Disease and moderate damage to her liver.

Since being on Gluzin for the past 6 years and avoiding copper in her diet her disease is under control.  

We are so thankful for a wonderful pediatrician who stayed on top of things and especially having Children’s Hospital and Dr. Hahn so near by.  

Teagan is happily starting high school in September.



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