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Stories of warriors touched by Wilson’s Disease and how they fought back by rallying people they know to walk with them and raise money for the patient registry.

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 Karl Dyczek Warrior

Out of no where, in February 2014, I had jaundice, a lack of appetite, and swelling in my abdomen, feet, and ankles. As a result, I was admitted to the hospital right away. I had to get a blood transfusion the night I was admitted. I spent three days at the hospital and was diagnosed there with cirrhosis of the liver. I was referred to a gastroenterologist and hematologist. After getting a liver biopsy, completing the hemochromatosis (I'm a carrier) and Wilson's Disease genetic mutation blood tests, and 24 hour urine test I was diagnosed in April 2014 with WD.

Although I have cirrhosis, I was not in need of a liver transplant like other WD patients. My liver function lab work is now in normal range. A brain MRI reflected no copper deposits in my brain.

As of last year, I have a little amount of copper in one of my eyes.  I am blessed and grateful to be doing much better nowadays.

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