Jackie Maloney warrior 2018

jackie maloney 2018

Before his unexpected diagnosis, Mike Barnett (38) was your typical middle-aged man who supported his wife Sara, and their two children, Connor (10) and Carly (6). He owned his own business, played softball, and helped coach his children's baseball and softball teams. He was a terrific guy that would pitch in and help a friend move, or help an elderly neighbour.

Unfortunately, this young family was hit hard when Mike was diagnosed with Wilson’s Disease on March 16, 2018. While Mike had unknowingly had this disease his entire life, the diagnosis did not come until he had memory loss, seizures, and cirrhosis of the liver. He has been hospitalized and bound to a nursing home since diagnosis and is currently being assessed for a liver transplant. Mike has been undergoing treatment and therapy, but continues to struggle with the effects of this disease.

The family was hard hit by this disease as Mike had always been the financial head of household. Currently awaiting disability, the family has struggled to navigate the healthcare system with expensive medications and long-term 24-hour care requirements. We are walking for Mike for the Big Wow to help raise awareness of Wilson's Disease and to help build a support network for our area for those battling this life-long disease.

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