The Big WOW
Walking Around the World for Wilson's Disease

Big Wow 2021

Have a blast reconnecting with friends, neighbors and relatives when you have a Big Wow fundraiser.  We are holding an in person walk when the volunteer is able to.  This year the date is September 25.  If you cannot have an in person walk the virtual option is available.  We leave the fundraising pages open for a month.  This year we will leave them open for September and October.

It is amazing what a small group of volunteers can do.  Families having fundraisers have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for our research project that we refer to as the Patient Registry.  For those of you new to us, we have information about the importance of this research and the development of better ways to diagnose and treat Wilson disease <here> on this website.  Even with covid and u certainty our volunteers raised $25,000 in 2020.

Our Big wow master fundraiser page will be active on July 19, 2021.  

Big Wow 2020

This year we are adapting to Covid 19 around the world. The adaptations make it logistically easier for persons around the world to help this fundraiser. After all, the Big wow raises money to pay for the Patient Registry that benefits patients around the world. There is no walk or T-shirt. Friends and supporters are asked to help the fundraiser and it works a lot like a Facebook fundraiser but with more benefits.

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Our very first volunteer is Amelia from Mexico City who also helped me with a training video. Here is a link to her fundraiser so you can see what the pages look like. The training video was our first attempt at something like this but I think it is helpful. Amelia thought it was just as easy as opening a new email account.

Emelia’s page

If you open the link you will see her page and another way to start your own page. Or, you can watch the video at the right and get set up from following the instructions there

All profiles will be placed on our website and all volunteers become Wilson’s Warriers. Every fundraising page will get a callout on our Facebook page for people to share and thank the volunteers. There also will be a link on our website so you can see the fundraising pages and donate to one or all of them.

Like usual, we ask that you tell a story or provide a reason why you are fundraising and have a picture to post.

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