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2020 Annual Conference
Denver, CO. April 25th, 2020

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  • When: October 5th, 2019

  • Where: Various cities across the United States and Canada

  • Who: You and Everyone you know!

  • Why: To bring awareness and funding for WD

  • What: A walk- but not a standard, run-of-the-mill 5 or 10K.

There are three ways to participate: 1) sign up for a walk in a city in your region or 2) sign up as an individual and have your own walk. 3) Sponsor an event.

There is no prescribed length for the walk and we wanted to keep it simple by holding it in places where permits were not needed which add to the complexity and the cost. For example, our family is holding one at a park near our house and we will be walking 1-2 miles culminating with a picnic afterwards. 

Right now we are looking for people to host a walk in their city or town. You can complete the simple contact information form and the chairperson, a volunteer or Wilson’s Disease staff will get back to you. We show you how easy it can be. We don’t want you to worry about having hundreds or thousands of walkers. We want you and your friends to have fun and be safe. Our goal is to raise awareness of our disease while raising money for research. If your friends and neighbors can’t attend we hope you would encourage them to donate. You don’t have to handle cash because payments are received online. We get liability insurance and we make a web page for each city leader. Each city leader has been touched by Wilson’s Disease in some way we ask for a few brief paragraphs and a photograph for on your page. This works great to raise awareness because your neighbors and friends from church have no idea what Wilson’s Disease is. We help you compose those stories.

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