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Lab Tracker and Copper Calculator

Serum Copper (mcg/dl) Ceruloplasmin (mg/dl) Non-Ceruloplasmin Copper
Serum Copper (micromoles/liter) Ceruloplasmin (mg/L) Non-Ceruloplasmin Copper
Copper Concentration (micromoles/liter) Volume (liters) Copper per 24 hours (micrograms)
Copper concentration (mcg/dl) Volume (liters) Copper per 24 hours (micrograms)
Copper concentration (mcg/liter) Volume (liters) Copper per 24 hours (micrograms)
Zinc concentration (mcg/liter) Volume (liter) Zinc per 24 hours (micrograms)  


The WDA is pleased to provide this wonderful new tool to assist patients and their physicians in tracking Wilson disease treatment and monitoring history.  Thanks to the assistance of the WDA Medical Advisory Committee, under the leadership of Dr. Michael Schilsky, we are pleased to offer the Lab Tracker in two convenient formats.  We recommend that you share this log of your treatment history with your physicians so that important trends in your health status can be noted. 

Excel Version

This format is downloadable to the Microsoft Excel program on your computer.  Included are instructions and sample pages to assist you in entering your information.  One of the sheets contained in the document is a Copper Tracker with foolproof formulas built in so that you will be able to calculate your copper levels. 

Printable PDF Version

This is a downloadable document that can be printed out.  If you do not have an Excel program on your computer, the information can be entered in by hand.  Since the automatic Copper Tracker cannot be used in this version, please use the online calculator on the top of this page. 

Recommended Target Result Ranges for Good Copper Control in Treated Wilson Disease Patients.

24 Hour Urine Copper
On Chelators:  200 - 500µg (3 - 8µmoles)/day
On Zinc: <75µg/day

24 Hour Urine Zinc

Non-Ceruloplasmin in Bound (Free) Copper
5 - 15 µg/dl


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