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Wilson Disease Centers of Excellence

The WDA Centers of Excellence provide physicians who are well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilson's Disease, physician training and research regarding Wilson disease, broad services needed by Wilson Disease patients and their families, and technical support required by patients (including laboratory metal analysis).

India - K.E.M. Hospital
Director - Dr. Ashish Bavdekar
Associate Professor
Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterologist
Liver and Gastroenterology Unit
Department of Pediatrics
T.D.H. Building, Ground Floor
K.E.M. Hospital, Rasta Peth
Pune 411011
Phone: 91-20-66037342
Mobile: 98220 56174
Fax: 91-020-26125603
E-mail: kemhrc@vsnl.net or bavdekar@vsnl.com
Clinics for Wilson Disease:
Mondays and Thursdays 11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.
Other Team Members: Dr. Ashish Bavdekar,Dr. Suhas Wagle – Hepatology; Dr. Ashish Bavdekar – Pediatrics, Hepatology & Hepatic Transplantation; Dr. Pradeep Diwate – Movement Disorders & Neurology; Dr. Shrikant Kelkar – Ophthalmology; Dr. Vasudeo Parlikar – Psychiatry; Mrs. Vaishali Madkaikar – Dietitian; Dr. Arati Chaudhari & Mrs. Bharati Patil – Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy; Dr. Shruti Inamdar – Research Coordinator; Mr. Mahendra Hoge – Social WorkIndia – Mumbai

Jaslok Hospital and Research Center
Director - Dr. Aabha Nagral,
Consultant Adult and Pediatric Hepatologist
O-18, Bhavna Building 2nd floor
Veer Savarkar Road
Prabhadevi Clinic
For appointments: (+91)22 24222160
E-mail: pedliver@gmail.com
Clinics for Wilson Disease Patients:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: (4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.)
For appointments, phone: 91-22- 24222160 (after 4 pm)

Other Team Members: Dr. Aahba Nagral – Hepatic Transplantation; Dr. Pettarusp Wadia– Movement Disorders & Neurology; Dr. Atul Ursekar– Ophthalmology; Dr. Fazal Nabi – Pediatrics; Dr. Amit Desai – Psychiatry; Suvarna Sawant – Dietitian; Dr. Ria Mansukhani – Physical and Rehabilitation Therapy; Dr. Priya Malde – Research Coordinator: Bakul Parulekar-Speech Therapy; Bhavna Shah-Social Worker.

Northwestern University
Richard M. Green, MD
Chief, Division of Hepatology
Associate Professor of Medicine
Feinberg School of Medicine
675 N St Clair St. Suite 14-100
Chicago, IL 60611
Phone: 312-503-4667
Fax: 312-908-6192
E-mail: r-green2@northwestern.edu

Appointments: 312-695-7950
Mickey Domiano

Other Team Members: Tanya Simuni, MD - Associate Professor in Neurology; Danny Bega, MD - Instructor in Neurology; Daniel Ganger, MD - Associate Professor in Hepatology; John E. Franklin, MD -- Associate Professor in Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences and Surgery; Michael M. Abecassis, MD – Director, Comprehensive Transplant Center, Chief, Division of Surgery-Organ Transplantation; Onur Melen, MD – Assistant Professor of Neurology and Ophthalmology; Saeed Mohammad, MD - Assistant Professor of Pediatric Hepatology; Joanna Blackburn, MD - Assistant Professor of Pediatric Neurology; Judy Fitzhugh, RD. LDN, CNSD – Dietitian; Santiago Toledo, MD – Assistant Professor in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; Karen Williams, BA – Research Coordinator; Pamela Palmentera, LCSW – Social Work; Lisa Kinsley - Genetic Counselor.

University of California at Los Angeles
Director - Jeff Bronstein, MD, PhD; Coordinator – Henrietta Salazar
UCLA Neurology Department
710 Westwood Plaza Suite C128
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1769
For appointments: Henrietta: (310) 206-9799
Fax: (310) 206-9819
E-mail: jbronste@ucla.edu
Other Team Members: Sammy Saab, MD – Hepatology and Hepatic Transplantation; Arik Johnson – Psychologist; Jeff Bronstein-Movement Disorders, Neurology; Joseph Demer, MD- Opthalmology; Dana Hunnes PhD, MPH, RD- Dietition/Nutritional Consultant; Diane Yang- Research Coordinator

University of Michigan Hospital 
Director - Fred Askari, M.D., Ph.D. 
Associate Professor
Liver Clinic
1st floor Taubman Center Area G
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Phone: 800-333-9013
Fax: 734-763-4574
Appointments 800-333-9013
E-mail: faskari@umich.edu

Other Team Members : Jeffrey Innis, MD, PhD – Genetic Counselor; Fred Askari, M.D., PhD - Section of Transplantation and Hepatology, Martha Carlson MD, PhD – Pediatrics; Matthew Lorincz, MD, PhD (Adult) and Martha Carlson, MD, PhD(Pediatric) – Movement Disorder Specialist, Neurology; Jonathon Trobe, MD – Opthalmology; Scot Winder, MD – Psychiatrist; Elizabeth Kovan – Research Coordinatior; : Karen Kluin ,MS – Speech Therapy; Kelly Shehan,MS - Dietician

Seattle Children’s Hospital
Sihoun Hahn, M.D., Ph.D., Director
Pediatrics; Director, Biochemical Genetics Program
Seattle Children’s Hospital
4800 Sand Point Way NE, Mailstop: B-6594
Seattle, WA 98105
Phone: 206-987-7610
E-Mail: sihahn@u.washington.edu
The pediatric team will see adult patients at the University of Washington. For information/appointments (pediatric and adult) please contact:
Mary Moran E-mail: mary.moran@seattlechildrens.org
Appointments: Fax referral and records to (206) 985-3121

Other Team Members: Simon Horslen, MB ChB FRCPCH - Director of Transplantation, Pediatric Hepatologist, Pediatric Transplant Hepatologist; Renuka Bhattacharya, MD – Adult Hepatologist; Dararat (Pam) Mingbunjerdsuk, MD – Movement Disorder Specialist, Neurology; Ali Samii, MD – Adult Neurology; Avery Weiss, MD – Opthalmology; Nina de Lacy, MD, MBA – Psychiatry; Melissa Edwar, RD and Sarah Sullivan, RD – Metabolic Nutitionists; Andrea Barry-Smith – Social Work, Edie Anyieni, RN - Nursing; Genetic Counseling – TBD; Mary Moran – Program Administrator.

Yale University Medical Center
Dr. Michael Schilsky, Director
Yale University School of Medicine
333 Cedar Street/1080 LMP
P.O. Box 208019
New Haven, CT 06520-8019
E-Mail: Michael.schilsky@yale.edu
Fed Ex Address:
One Gilbert Street
FMP Bldg., Room FMP 408
New Haven, CT 06519
For Appointments: Ms. Donna Christensen phone: 203-737-1592 fax: 203-737-1592

Other Team Members: Nigel Bamford, MD - pediatric neurologist, Sukru Emre M.D., David Mulligan MD, Manuel Rodriguez Davalos MD, Section of Transplantation and Immunology, Udeme Ekong MD, Pamela Valentino, MD – Pediatric Hepatologist, Pediatric Transplant Hepatologist; Elan Louis, MD, Daphne Robakis, MD – Movement Disorder Specialist, Neurology; Paula Zimbrean M.D. – Psychiatrists; Kisha Mitchell M.D. – Liver Pathologist; Karen Stavris – Research Coordination; Lenore Hammers LCSW – Adult Social Worker, Michael Joyce LCSW – Pediatric Social Worker; Anne Marie Rivard NPH RD- Registered Worker; Anne Marie Rivard NPH RD- Registered Dietician

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