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Wilson Disease Association
Dedicated to providing the leadership and resources that will result in increased research, improved health, worldwide detection, and a cure for Wilson disease.
The Big WOW
To Benefit Wilson Disease Association
October 1, 2016
2016 Annual Conference
Crowne Plaza - Orlando, Florida
October 22nd
Cilamin Capsules Availability Notice ... Read More
Register for the Big WOW, Nationwide Walk for WD, Saturday, October 1st, 2016 ... Read More
Now Accepting Registrations for the 2016 Annual Conference ... Read More
Find out more about Wilson Disease
About Wilson Disease
Find out more about Wilson Disease
Wilson disease is a genetic disorder that is fatal unless detected and treated before serious illness from copper poisoning develops. Wilson disease affects approximately one in 30,000 people worldwide. The genetic defect causes excessive copper accumulation in the liver or brain.
Wilson Disease Association Membership
Wilson Disease Association Membership
As a member, you have the opportunity to communicate your concerns, share your experiences, learn about the most recent advances in Wilson disease treatment and research, and contribute to important decisions that need to be made so the WDA can be a strong patient advocacy group
Wilson Disease Support Group and Discussion Community
Support Community
Wilson Disease Support Group and Discussion Community
Join many others who understand what you're going through and are making important decisions about their health.
For those effected by Wilson Disease
Patients & Families
For those effected by Wilson Disease
The WDA provides a caring community that will offer each Wilson disease family information, guidance and emotional support. We are dedicated to education, advancing treatments, and finding a cure for Wilson disease. We are here to help, and you can contact us at any time. We know from our own experience what a difference being in touch with other individuals can make to each affected family. Our desire is that you will realize the impact Wilson disease can have on you and in your family.
Find out how YOU can help!
Ways You Can Help
Find out how YOU can help!
Your support allows the WDA to maintain this website, produce educational materials, support research, and hold meetings for people living with WDA, their families, and the healthcare community. Here are a few ways you can become involved in the WDA Community.
Wilson Disease Programs & Research
Wilson Disease Programs & Research
The Wilson Disease Association supports and provides information on Wilson disease research, studies and advocacy initiatives.
Connect with WDA
Connect with WDA

 The Wilson Disease Association is very active in popular social media channels. Please feel free to connect with us.

We are looking for volunteers!
Interested in joining our team? Work with us?

Conference Registration: Registration for the conference is free for members, $60 for non-members. The conference banquet is $30 for members, $50 for non-members. To check your membership status, please log into your account at This year’s registration will be completed online beginning on July 1, 2016. If you are unable to register online, please call the WDA office at 866-961-0533. All registrations must be received by October 8, 2016.
Register Now!
Crowne Plaza, Orlando, Florida
The Big WOW
The Big WOW, Nationwide Walk for WD, Created by the Simpoulos Family
There are two ways to participate: 1) sign up for a walk in a city in your region or 2) sign up as an individual and have your own walk. There is no prescribed length for the walk and we wanted to keep it simple by holding it in places where permits were not needed which add to the complexity and the cost. For example, our family is holding one at a park near our house and we will be walking 1-2 miles culminating with a picnic afterwards. We also will be drinking La Croix sparkling water, which is generously donating their water to every venue!
Register Now
Saturday, October 1, 2016 at a City Near You
Wilson Disease Clinical Trials
We are no longer recruiting for Phase 2. Check back for information about a Phase 3 Study with WTX-101
The study drug, WTX101 (bis-choline tetrathiomolybdate) is a de-coppering agent that is being investigated for the treatment of Wilson Disease. The aim of this study is to confirm that the dosing regimen planned for use in future studies with WTX101 is safe and effective in de-coppering newly diagnosed Wilson Disease patients. The study will be conducted at 6 Wilson Disease expert centers (University of Michigan Hospital, Ann Arbor, MI; Yale University Medical Center, New Haven, CT; UCLA Ronald Reagan Medical Center, Los Angeles, CA; Medical University of Vienna, Vienna, Austria; University Hospital, Heidelberg, Germany; Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology, Warsaw, Poland).
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Clinical Trials
New Center of Excellence at Seattle Children's Hospital
Physician Training, Research and Technical Support Services
The WDA Centers of Excellence provide physicians who are well trained in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilson's Disease, physician training and research regarding Wilson disease, broad services needed by Wilson Disease patients and their families, and technical support required by patients (including laboratory metal analysis).
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Wilson Disease Centers of Excellence
Wilson Disease Association Membership
Your WDA membership is important. There is power in numbers.
We would like to see our membership grow to encompass all affected by Wilson disease, worldwide. When we speak out about Wilson disease to media, pharma, congress, medical and other organizations, our voice will be strong as one and our message will be clear.
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  • 2016 ANNUAL CONFERENCE Crowne Plaza, Orlando, Florida
  • The Big WOW Saturday, October 1, 2016 at a City Near You
  • Wilson Disease Clinical Trials Clinical Trials
  • New Center of Excellence at Seattle Children's Hospital Wilson Disease Centers of Excellence
  • Wilson Disease Association Membership Membership

Mary L. Graper
Mary L. Graper President
Mary has over 25 years experience as a volunteer leader, and is recognized for her creativity, organizational and leadership skills. She holds a B.S. degree in Education from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.
Carol Terry
Carol Terry Secretary
Carol was diagnosed in 1973 with WD and is a retired US Government accountant. She helped found the WDA in 1983 and served as its President for ten years. She has also served as Vice-President and Treasurer.
Jean P. Perog
Jean P. Perog Treasurer
Mrs. Perog is a retired CPA living in Quilchena, British Columbia. She has WD and has a brother with WD. Jean has served as Treasurer of the WDA since 2005.

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